Data engineer senior - Spendesk - CDI
Fonction : Informatique - Nvlles technos - Internet
Lieu : Paris
Publiée : 25-11-2019
Date de début : Non définie
Date de fin : Non définie
Niveau d’expérience pour ce poste : Débutant
Rémunération : Non précisée
Poste nécessitant d’avoir un Permis B : Non
Référence interne : 989&251119
Description de l'offre

Within the data team, you will be a strong contributor to our data infrastructure, working on our systems and databases to make them robust, scalable, and well designed. You will also work on our product to bring data science algorithms to production.

What will you do ?

  • Contribute in the aggregation of raw data from our different data sources
  • Architect and contribute in the building of our data warehouse models to be consumed by Spendeskers and analysts
  • Contribute in keeping our data clean and consistent to be easily and safely consumed
  • Help building data science pipelines working hand in hand with our data scientists
  • Build automation in our product

Our stack:

  • Database: MySQL
  • Warehouse: PostgreSQL, Snowflake
  • ELT: Airflow, dbt
  • Vizualisation tool: Redash, Metabase
  • Analysis: R/Python notebooks
  • Tracking Hub / Library: Segment, Hull
  • App Backend: Node.js
  • App Frontend: React.js
Profil du candidat

Your skills:

  • Python, SQL proficiency
  • Proficient in data modelling
  • You are an example in terms of coding best practices
  • Good amount of DevOps knowledge - experience with AWS is a plus
  • Great problem solver
  • You have leadership skills

Your profile :

  • 4+ years of experience, with at least some experience in software and data
  • Top engineering degree
  • Interested in business matters but engineer in your soul
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